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These Apps Can Make Co-Parenting Easier

Use these apps for simpler co-parenting. For a free consultation with a child custody lawyer in Chicago, IL, call Larimer Law, LLC today at 773-370-0600.

Co-parenting can be challenging when there's so much to manage. Parents can use certain apps on their smartphones and tablets to help make things easier in a number of ways. From managing children's schedules to managing children's homework and extra curricular activities to maintaining healthy regular communication, the following apps can help simplify co-parenting using the latest technology.


If parents use Apple devices, they don't even need to download the FaceTime app, which is a convenient and easy-to-use messaging app on all iPhones and iPads. Parents can simply connect the app to Wi-Fi and use it to hold video chat conversations with their children, which can feel more personal than a typical phone call. To facilitate safe use for children, parents can also change privacy settings.


For communication between co-parents, OurFamilyWizard is efficient and inexpensive to use. Parents only pay for their own accounts and from there can add multiple accounts for children and others as needed without paying more, whether they need to create accounts for other family members, therapists, mediators, or other professionals involved in the co-parenting process. Parents can use it to organize time-sharing schedules and even request payment for unpaid expenses regarding children. Users can also add the ToneMeter, which can detect negative tones in conversations to help maintain a healthy, positive conversation. Additionally, the app keeps records of all communication that parents can use to support their case in court.

Custody Junction

Using Custody Junction, co-parents can collaborate on their time-sharing and custody agreements and schedules. Parents can benefit from more control as the app enables them to schedule visitation or child support payment as early as two years ahead. As a result, this app can be invaluable in making planning more efficient and accommodating potential changes to a parent's schedule, including vacations. Parents can easily share data from the app with attorneys or other relevant third parties.


For easier scheduling, expense tracking, communication, updating contact details, and sharing crucial information, Coparently is one of the best apps to use. Parents can also add their children to their accounts to allow them to contribute to scheduling, or older children can make certain requests to ensure their voices are heard during the co-parenting process.

Depending on co-parents' specific needs, any of these apps can help simplify co-parenting by allowing for easier communication, scheduling, and much more.

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