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What Are Expert Witnesses? 

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What is an expert witness? Expert witnesses come before the Court to provide their expert opinion on specific aspects of the divorce. An expert witness is expected to have specialized training, education, and experience to assess the circumstances of the specific area of the divorce. Some situations are so complex that an expert witness is necessary for the case—business evaluations, special needs children, forensic accountants to trace money taken or lost from the marital estate by your spouse, evaluation of the marital home equity and the like. They can ensure that all relevant factors are accounted for in order to advise the Court and both legal counsels on what would be in the best interests of the couple and/or children. While their job is to advise the Court and assist one side in his or her arguments, the expert’s role does not entail to provide any judgments on how to resolve differences or conflicts. Overall, expert witnesses aid the Court in the decision-making process and can help one side present their side of the story.

Several different individuals can serve as expert witnesses in a divorce. The professional you call to testify in your case depends on what matters you need to settle. An expert witnesses’ testimony can play a small or large part in how the case is resolved.

A: A child psychologist, psychiatrist, school social worker or any other medical professional who spealizes with child development can be critical with regard to custody arrangements. These experts can evaulate a child's needs, whether they be emotional, physical, or psychological in order to ensure their overall well-being and evaluate wha is in the best interest for the child.

B: A vocational expert might be necessary for spousal support. When the Court is deciding on granting alimony, the Judge may need to consider various factors, including the requesting financial affidavits, spousal earning capacity and their qualifications or education to get a well-paying job.

C: Business appraisers are used for spouses who own a business or multiple businesses together. The appraisal must account for all sectors of the business to ensure an accurate valuation. Businesses must be appraised to evaluate their profits, income and overall determine how they will be split between the parties.

D: A forensic accountant are used to assist with discovering and disclosing income, assets, debts, and expenses. Forensic accountants assist in facilitating a fair and just division of assets by determining property and other assets on their fair market value.

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