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How Empty is Your Tank?

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Are you feeling as though you are drowning? Have you experienced major energy depletion, a sense of increased isolation or overall unending exhaustion? You may be experiencing a burn-out. Burn-out’ is a syndrome as a result of chronic stress. Sometimes it can be triggered from your workplace and other times it can be triggered from a bad relationship, difficult divorce, a toxic work environment or other situations that bring on an immense load of stress. Check-in with yourself. Is your tank empty? Do you know how your own body reacts when you are under an immense amount of pressure or stress?

Stress can manifest in many different forms, some more extreme than others. It is important to be self-aware of your health and any symptoms you may be experiencing based on your stress levels. Everyone’s circumstances vary because everyone handles different levels of stress in their own way. Some people know how to cope well or manage stress better than others. You might feel as though you are drowning or have crushing chest pain that doesn’t go away every night. Have you developed panic attacks that cause trouble in your breathing? You might be suffering from insomnia or night terrors. Some people don’t realize they have completely isolated themselves from their co-workers, friends and family or any other social interactions they would usually partake in. Have you been experiencing stomach pain or nausea? Sometimes those are also symptoms that develop under high levels of stress. Maybe you’ve never had headaches and now you are experiencing excessive headaches or even migraine attacks? This could also be stress related!


Make sure you are prioritizing your health! Some doctors have said that heart attacks or even cancer can be developed in the human body due to harboring or not coping with stress properly! First make sure you have consulted with your doctor to rule out any other health issues which could be triggering your symptoms. Your doctor may have a medical solution or temporary treatment for easing your symptoms such as taking melatonin vitamins or anti-anxiety medications to prevent panic attacks. Your doctor may also recommend a therapist or counselor who specializes in stress management or anxiety. Sometimes attending therapy can be helpful to learn different breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises, or other therapeutic tools. It is good to explore all of your options to better yourself and your health.

‘Burn-out’ can be overwhelming and it can make you feel completely helpless. Regardless of the level of stress you might be experiencing and whether it is brought on by divorce proceedings, work or any other trigger, try to remember that you are not helpless! There is always hope for a solution! Be aware of your circumstances, stress levels, triggers, and how it all may be affecting you in your day to day life. What can you do differently? What is in your control and what is out of your control? Make a plan for yourself to do a self-care or relaxation treatment when you start experiencing your burn-out symptoms. Sometimes you just need to reboot the brian and do something relaxing but other times it might be more serious where extra help would be greatly beneficial to improve everyday life. Don’t let your tank go empty!

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