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A Collaborative Divorce is a respectful way of resolving disputes.  A Collaborative Divorce works through a series of meetings between a client, their spouse or partner, and the Collaborative Team. These meetings are held in private offices: not in public court rooms.

During the collaborative meetings, the spouse and the client will gather and exchange information, identify respective goals and concerns, and work closely with the attorney to negotiate a settlement that works in the short and the long term. The process employs collaboratively trained lawyers, divorce coaches, child specialists and financial specialists to help you reach an out-of-court, private and respectful agreement. The collaborative goal is to jointly solve problems.


A Collaborative Divorce can offer many benefits to both you and your spouse.  


A Collaborative Divorce:

  • Promotes open communications

  • Greatly reduces stress and anxiety

  • Details a written pledge not to go to court

  • Provides an honest exchange of information

  • Proactively and thoroughly prepares the client for a new life

  • Focuses on meeting all parties’ needs rather than creating a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’

  • Provides the legal, financial and emotional support to assist the client, while going through the multiple aspects of a divorce

  • Allows the client to retain decision making control over their family as well as the domestic relations proceedings: meaning that the client and the spouse, not a judge, will decide the outcome

  • Encourages mutual respect and helps to establish and maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship with the spouse

  • Protects privacy rather than revealing intimate life details in a public court proceeding and record

  • Greatly improves the odds that the spouse and the client will stay out of court in the future

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