A Collaborative Divorce is a respectful way of resolving disputes.  A Collaborative Divorce works through a series of meetings between you, your spouse, and your Collaborative Team. These meetings are held in private offices – not in public court rooms.

During the collaborative meetings, your spouse and you will gather information, identify your goals and concerns, and work closely with your attorney to negotiate a settlement that works. The process utilizes collaboratively trained lawyers, divorce coaches, child specialists and financial specialists to help you reach an out-of-court private and respectful agreement. The collaborative goal is to jointly solve problems. 

A Collaborative Divorce offers to your spouse and you many benefits.  

A Collaborative Divorce:

  • Details a written pledge not to go to court;

  • Provides an honest exchange of information;

  • Provides you with the legal, financial and emotional support to assist you while going through the various aspects of a divorce;

  • Allows you to retain decision making control over your family and your domestic relations proceeding. --This means that your spouse and you, not a judge, will decide your outcome;

  • Focuses on meeting everyone’s needs rather than creating a “winner” and a “loser”;

  • Creates a problem-solving approach that addresses the issues of both spouses / parents and the children;

  • Encourages mutual respect and helps you establish and maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship with your spouse;

  • Reduces stress and anxiety;

  • Protects Privacy rather than revealing intimate details of your life in a public record;

  • Promotes open communications;

  • Improves the odds that your spouse and you will stay out of court in the future;

  • Prepares you for a new life.


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