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"Angela was recommended to me by a high-powered friend who promised she was the best in the Midwest. Angela has consistently proven herself to be smart, diligent, highly organized, knowledgeable, consistent, honest and when necessary, fearless. She has dedicated her career to helping people navigate one of life’s most unpleasant experiences. The road is long, and it can me made measurably more miserable should you engage the wrong counsel. She was a fit for me because in addition to being a legal powerhouse, she offered a kind ear and some gentle but honest advice about what is worth fighting for and what is worth letting go. I am grateful and blessed to have found her; she is highly skilled and because she is so great, I can finally move on with my life. Everyone needs an “Angela” in their corner, especially women. She is a mighty force and I thank God every day that she helped me."

- Kathleen C.

"Angela stuck with me through thick and thin. She was always professional, was very well prepared, and genuinely cared about me and my daughter. I would highly recommend Larimer Law.
Throughout my entire divorce and custody litigation Angela stood by me. Most probably would have bowed out, but she kept fighting. My daughter was always at the front. I couldn't have asked for anything more."

- Andrew S.

"Angela handled our case with compassion, care, and great attention to detail and organization. She was able to lead us through an extremely delicate and painful situation without making it an ugly, hurtful battle. I greatly appreciated Angela's approach and would highly recommend her services."


- Lauren G.

"Thank you for helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life.   I really felt like you stood by me the whole time.  You took my calls, answered all my questions and more importantly, you pointed out a lot of issues I had never even considered.  You fought for me and my daughter when needed and you made sure everything went smoothly.  Going into this, I knew were ranked one of Illinois's top family law attorneys. Now I know why.  I am going to strongly recommend you to everyone.  Thanks again."

Alina C.

"Angela is extremely professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, gracious, timely, and works tirelessly on behalf of her clients."

Eleanor P.

"Angela was highly recommended to me by a friend who had recently gone through a divorce, and I was so fortunate to be directed to Angela. She is terrific. She is professional and caring, always responsive to phone calls and emails, and she made a difficult process so much easier to bear. I had complete confidence in her knowledge and expertise, and I am so grateful for the help and services she provided. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. She is an outstanding attorney."

Nancy F.

"Angela was very helpful in navigating through the emotionally painful process of divorce. I really respected the way she cared for both my ex and I throughout, always remaining empathetic to the impact the process had on each of us. I appreciated her approach and recommend her services."

Kaleb S.

"I have known Angela Larimer for three years. She has been an amazing lawyer who helped me with my divorce then relocation with children. She fought hard to get the terms I was comfortable with my divorce. Angela also moved mountains on my relocation, which had a short timeline. She worked hard and tireless on my case. I highly, highly recommend her as a divorce lawyer or mediator. She has many years of experience and knowledge of divorce law."

- Margaret S.

"I met Angela Larimer 4 years ago through a business networking group. I was always impressed with her professionalism and how well she could articulate legal language into layman's terms. Last year I needed a divorce lawyer for advice and I knew she was the right fit for me. Angela spent the time to help me navigate through some issues I was having with my ex wife at no charge and basically gave me a friend's advice. My ex later filed for Divorce and Angela represented me through the process. It was by far the hardest thing I have ever gone through emotionally and financially and at times I lost my mind. Angela stayed professional and empathetically helped me navigate the rough waters. She did a wonderful job of representing my position and gracefully got me to the finish line. All along, I asked please get this over as quickly as possible so I still have some money on the other end to get on with my life. She did just that and I am very thankful for her friendship and stellar representation. I would highly recommend Angela and Larimer Law to anyone needing her type of service!"

Kevin M.

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