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The Dos & Don’ts During Divorce

Don’t Post on Social Media Avoid jeopardizing a custody arrangement inadvertently. Posts, tags, locations and photos provide evidence and other data that stand to reinforce your spouse’s attorney’s arguments against you. Everyone needs an outlet to vent and blow off steam but you must remember that anything you say (or post) can and will be used against you. Also, it is important to keep the opposing party from knowing your spending habits. Finances are one of the biggest issues during a divorce, it is best to avoid posting where you are spending your money. This includes child custody arguments, especially if alcohol or substance use is involved and posted online. Even if you delete a post, nothing ever truly leaves the internet. Anything can be found and leveraged. Finally, protecting your mental health is important. Even if you unfollow or block your ex, you are likely to still run across posts through friends that may trigger you to become angry or upset and could hinder you from making rational decisions during the proceedings.

Do Make Sure You Honestly Tell Your Attorney Everything Make sure you never hide anything from your attorney and are always honest with them. The only way they can serve you to the best of their abilities is if they know exactly everything that has occurred in your marriage as well as your current habits during the divorce process. Don’t Spend Money on Paramour Don’t spend money on lovers or other romantic entanglements during your divorce. This information can be leveraged and used against you in court. Never do anything or involve yourself with anyone that could risk jeopardizing your character and integrity. Do Wait on Dating Until After Your Divorce is Finalized

Do make sure you wait until after your divorce is finalized to start dating. It is best to remain focused on the primary goal at hand to finalize your divorce and not risk your character or ability to adequately parent to be questioned because you were feeling lonely and sought comfort.

Don’t Take Advice from Friends and Family

Friends and family love you and care about you and your wellbeing but please remember to refrain from taking legal advice from them, that is what your attorney is there for. Trust that your attorney knows best.

Do Make Sure You are Taking Care of Yourself Remember to prioritize your health and mental health during this time. Try to keep a healthy schedule, start some new hobbies (going to the gym or yoga), and keep quality company with friends and family. Emotions tend to run high during a divorce and not everyone has the ability to think with a clear mind or make rational decisions. There is no shame in seeking out counseling to learn emotional regulation and other coping skills during this time. It is important to do so if you think you could benefit from it so that your emotions do not affect your case.

If you want to learn more about Dos and Don't During Divorce call Domestic Relations Attorney Angela Larimer at 773-370-0600

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