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How Technology Makes Long Distance Parenting Possible

Technology has had a major impact on long-distance parenting. If you need help from a family law attorney in Chicago, call Angela Larimer at 773-370-0600.

Technology like video conferencing has enhanced long-distance parenting by allowing parents and children to have actual face time, do activities together, and even participate in important events. The newer technology has helped divorced parents and children feel more in touch and maintain positive connections despite physical separation, especially which became critically important once the pandemic and mandatory social distancing hit. People who want to know more about how to make long-distance parenting work both during and after a divorce can contact Chicago family law attorney Angela Larimer at 773-370-0600.

Bridging the Communication Gap

Physical contact with children has numerous benefits. Video calling apps afford an enhanced quality of contact. The technology allows long-distance parents to have regular face time with their children, helping maintain frequent contact and strong bonds. Parents and children can share accomplishments, happiness, the day’s or week’s events, and even see facial expressions as if they are in the same room, making them feel more in touch.

Studies indicate that consistency in contact makes children feel secure, giving them a clear expectation of when they will next connect with a long-distance parent. With video conferencing software, parents and children can have daily meetings at a scheduled time. These regularly scheduled video chats give children and parents something to anticipate.

Parents can help children feel even more connected by placing video calls from a child’s favorite area of the home. Whether it is their bedroom or the backyard, a call from a special area can make the children feel like they are visiting in person.

Doing Activities Together

Video conferencing software allows long-distance parents to reconnect with their children in many ways besides chatting about the day. Parents can assist children with daily activities like solving homework problems. They can also read bedtime stories to them as well as sit down and eat meals at the same time as the children.

Video calls can also prevent communication from becoming repetitive by allowing parents and children to have fun and make memories. They can engage in fun activities together, such as:

  • Playing games

  • Having virtual yoga sessions

  • Singing and dancing together

Attending Important Events

Long-distance parents may be unable to attend every important event of their children in person. Through video conferencing, the parents can watch and hear every second of a birthday party, recital, game, or other important events.

Video conferencing technology goes a long way toward reinforcing the connections between long-distance parents and their children.

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