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Invest in Yourself -- Higher Education

If you want to learn more about pursuing higher education, contact Family Law Attorney Angela Larimer at 773-370-0600.

You’re going through a divorce or you’ve just finalized your divorce… Now what? Where do you see your life going? Your career? Your finances? Maybe it might not be a bad idea to explore something new! Pursuing higher education on any level can be both financially beneficial and extremely therapeutic. Advancing your education can assist in healing while you venture through a major life transition and/or grieving a loss of a partner. Divorce is never easy but when we find a new purpose in life it can help offset the emotional pain and channel it into something meaningful. It is never too late to go back to school and it is never too late to learn something new.

Pursuing higher education and new skills can also help you figure out a new identity as well as rebuild our self-esteem. Learning a new skill or trade can challenge you to think out problems and feel accomplished when you solve them because it builds personal success, which is essential when you are feeling discombobulated. Going back to school for a higher education (i.e., bachelor's degree, masters, JD, MD, PHD) or learning a new skill (i.e., trading, investing, real estate license, etc…) are all good methods to rebuild a new future.

Some may argue that it can actually be the best time to choose a new path in your life because you need to channel all of those built up emotions into something constructive. Going to the gym, eating healthy food and keeping a good healthy schedule is important, but doesn’t always keep your mind busy. If you are fluctuating in and out of depression, it may be wise to give yourself the proper time to heal a little first; so that you don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to start a project or a goal that might be adding on more stress and might be unrealistic in the moment. On the other hand, if we want to not obsess about a divorce or about the grief of losing someone or leaving someone who we once loved, then it is important to shift our focus. Learning something new and seeking out higher education is very useful and will help your mind focus on your personal success, rather than being depressed, angry or sad about the existing circumstances.

Additionally, when we pursue something new we are also expanding our social circles all over again. When you were married (and/or with children) maybe most of your friends were also in the same lifestyle as you. It is important to surround yourself with people who are living a similar lifestyle as you (whether they are divorced or simply just single) because the new group will show you how to stay motivated and goal oriented and help influence you in a positive way!

Go get that degree that you wanted but could never get before! Go learn about stock or investment trading that maybe you never had time to do before! Go meet new people and expand your social circle! Take a cooking class. Get into a reading circle. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you bet on yourself!

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