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Why Should We Travel Internationally?

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America is such an amazing country with so many places to visit! Why would anyone want to leave? International travel is a self-investment. It is investing in your character building, your social skills, your mental health and your ability to develop new ideas.

Culture and Education

When you travel to other countries there is no greater educational experience. Experiencing other cultures and other areas of the world opens your mind to places and experiences you could only read about in books or see on the internet. Experiencing these things first hand changes your view on the world and will also change your view on your own life and how small you are in comparison to the rest of the globe.


Creating new positive memories will help you rediscover yourself, shape and strengthen your character, and enhance your values and beliefs. No matter what your age is, traveling helps you grow as a person! It gives you the opportunity to discover new ways of life, the opportunity to enhance advanced problem solving skills and the real life education to assist you in exploring new life directions.

Business Ideas

If you are looking for new ways to invest or new ideas to create a business, travel is so important. You meet a variety people internationally from the air ports, new cities and various destinations. Travel sparks creativity!


Trying new food or hearing new languages and accents teaches you to connect with other people and builds your ability to connect with others on a grander scale. When we travel to new places and meet new people it strengthens our relationships with others and with ourselves. We learn not to be so closed minded and we learn to be more vulnerable and open up with others.

Mental Health

These experiences also shape our mental health and relieve stress. Traveling to a new country will keep your mind refreshed and allow you to come home with a new perspective on the world we live in.

While it is a self-investment it can be costly. Always make sure you do your research for where you would like to travel to next. Always check different airline ticket trackers to allow yourself to travel on a smart budget. Always check hotels and airbnb’s for the best prices and safest areas to stay. Lastly, always try to enjoy yourself! It is a new experience, a new adventure! Everyone deserves to travel at least once in their lifetime!

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