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The Importance of Getting out of your Comfort Zone

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When we are in a rut it can be difficult to get out of our comfort zone. We might not always want to try new things. Sometimes that could mean attending a sports game even if we are not interested in sports or going to the theater even if it is not something we would normally do. Getting out of our comfort zone forces us to figure out how we can handle new environments and new surroundings. It will force you to become a stronger person and develop the self confidence that you need!

Also, to change your routines and life it is often important to meet new people. They shape who we are and how we think. Socializing is very important for problem solving and other development skills. If you stay home alone and isolate yourself, you are more likely to develop depression and anxiety. It is important to step out of your comfort zone to help give your life more purpose. Experiencing a little bit of stress or anxiety when trying something new is not a bad thing! It can help propel you to a better place.

Most of us fear challenges and new experiences because we fear failure, shame or embarrassment. All of us possess the ability to overcome these obstacles and rise to the occasion of a new experience. Living your life in your comfort zone has the simple benefits of low stress and general feelings of contentment with routine but it can also make you feel sad, stuck or even trapped. Growth is part of a human’s need. We need some uncertainty and we also need new challenges in life. Too much of everything isn’t a good thing but none at all is also not a good thing.

Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back from trying something new. In every failure there is a lesson. You won’t know what that lesson is unless you get out of your comfort zone! In every new experience there is a benefit to your soul and a challenge to your personal character. Seize the moment and embrace it!

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