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The Importance of Keeping Your Kids Involved in Activities

These days it can be difficult to find ways to keep your kids busy. Our children today are growing up with fast and innovative technology. They may have a tendency to get easily bored and may even struggle to keep their attention span focused on certain tasks. Some children and adolescents have grown up glued to their cell phones; they struggle to keep eye contact or have in person conversations. While it is important to keep up with the face-paced times of technology, it is also important to keep your children busy with human connection and real-life human interactions.

Signing your children up for activities such as sports classes, music or even dance lessons is incredibly important. Hands-on activities stimulate the brain and create a healthy learning environment where kids can learn new skills and grow in their creativity. Sports are great for teaching children how to get along with others and become a team player; rather than being isolated at home playing video games or only engaging with friends via the internet. Dance lessons help children boost their confidence and self-love, as well as, promote children to express themselves in the arts. Karate lessons are great for building self-esteem, respect and following rules. Even knitting classes can teach children to develop their creativity and patience for creating art and new crafts. Lastly, there have been multiple scientific studies proving that music lessons (specifically piano lessons) help cognitive development in children and young adults.

Keeping your kids busy also prevents them from getting into trouble. Children who do not have activities to occupy their free time with may be prone to engage in high-risk behaviors and risk getting into trouble at school or even falling behind in school work. Religious based youth programs (i.e., Sunday school, boy scouts and girl scouts programs) also provide a positive atmosphere for your child. —These types of environments can help expose your children to learning new skills and life lessons. They also promote bonding with other youths over positive morals and value systems.

Involving your children with activities in or outside of school truly provides an expansion of their social networking skills and social interactions. Children in activities are able to make new friends and learn to navigate socializing within different circles outside of the classroom. It also helps them develop their communication skills and even leadership and team building skills.

Overall keeping your child busy will grow their character and challenge their mind. It promotes positive relationships and social interactions for them to develop who they are and who they want to become. Being exposed to different positive role models is essential for every child’s growth and overall development. There are plenty of opportunities within school districts, park districts and private lessons for children to become involved in various activities. Look into what your community has to offer and explore new experiences for your child!

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