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The Pros of a Divorce Settlement

Divorce offers opportunities to make a fresh start and improve your life. For help with your divorce in Chicago, call Angela Larimer at 773-370-0600.

When a couple wants to have an amicable divorce, avoid litigation and come to terms with his or her spouse, a divorce settlement that involves collaboration or mediation is often the way to go. There are pros and cons to a divorce settlement and here is what you should know:

A settlement allows the parties to feel more protected and in control of the overall outcome during a divorce. Clients with high property values, high net worth, and other variations of high assets benefit from negotiating in a settlement with their counsel to avoid the high emotional and financial price of litigation. Settlements offer privacy as well as litigation is an open forum where anyone can pull the documentation from the court. A settlement agreement creates an atmosphere for all parties to reach the core issues and resolve them in a timely fashion without wasting additional resources or worse yet, without having a judge or court person who knows nothing about you or your family opine as to the welfare of your finances, your children and your future.

Litigation takes months and often years to finally get to the trail date. Litigation not only takes time and money but it can also cause emotional stress on both parties. Sometimes the process entails investigating witnesses in each of the clients personal lives and getting character descriptions from third parties. Litigation can be invasive and can drag out for what can feel like perpetuity. Furthermore, with regard to litigation the parties are subject to the court’s schedule. They are not allowed the opportunity to create their own schedule that suits them best for when to address the grounds for their divorce because it is up to the court when to schedule the dates.

While the choice of agreeing to a settlement may be difficult for clients, one of the many benefits is that it spares a person financial and emotional strain. A settlement permits the couple to speak in a space where they can feel empowered to communicate openly while still remaining amicable and respectful towards each other. Settlement discussions are especially beneficial for parents who want to remain civilized for the sake of their children.

It is always wise to do your research to know exactly what you are agreeing to before making a final decision. Interview lawyers to ensure they are a good fit for your desired outcome and your desired process (litigation, mediation or collaboration). Make sure your lawyer is a skilled negotiator and can meet your expectations during the process and in the final outcome.

There are pros and cons for litigation, mediation and a settlement. It all depends on what best suits your personal needs and the needs of your children.

Call Angela Larimer of Larimer Law LLC for a free consultation. She is rated top 5% of all matrimonial lawyers in the State of Illinois for a reason! She’ll help navigate a divorce process that not only meets your needs, but also one that creates a favorable outcome.

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